The Mother of all Assumptions!!

Young Couple Sitting on Love Seat

Some nights I spend over an hour in bed trying to go to sleep and my thoughts seem to have other agendas.  A few nights ago I found myself in this exact scenario, ruminating over an earlier conversation I had with a friend.  This particular friend has a way of pushing my buttons when I […]

Oh the drama!!

Setting Healthy Boundaries

Have you ever met someone that you genuinely like, have a lot in common with, and think you can trust them only to find out that they will hurt you the first chance they get in order to save themselves when they have screwed up?  The screw up has nothing to do with you but […]

I blew out a partial part of my right Bicep!

Brady Cameron

I have had some advantages in my life that have really given me a perspective that has not prepared me for getting older.  One of these advantages I enjoyed early in my life and up to about the age of thirty-five has been enormous strength. I have always been physically much stronger than all my […]

Why do we back down just because we don’t feel ready?

Changes ahead

There is a very famous quote by Voltaire that sums up the idea of certainty in the most perfect way. “Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is an absurd one.” Many people feel apprehension right before making a huge decision.   This apprehension, more often than not, is simply the suffering of a misunderstanding. […]

You are Awesome!!!! Own it!

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Our life experiences definitely shape us and our future, by why does it always have to be the negative experiences?  I think its safe to say that most everyone has had a bad or negative experience at some point in their life.  I have had so many I’ve lost count.  (Especially the last two years.) […]

Two wrongs, One Right??

Changing your Behavior

 Two wrongs do not make a right.  It’s that simple.  Yet, it isn’t.  While most people would agree with this statement, when you look at their actions instead of their words, you will see that they truly do feel justified when they are able to get back at a person that wronged them.  If that […]

Reject Me, Please!!

Annoying salesman

Did you do a double take on that title?  Most people have major fears of rejection.  Men and women are afraid to ask someone out that they like due to fear of rejection.  To the extreme levels, some people have major anxiety disorders that the basis of it exists completely on a fear of rejection. […]

Are you a leader or a follower?

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This is a common question that people will ask themselves at some point in their life.  Are they are leader, or a follower?  How would they even know?  There are common traits that all leaders have.  I turned to my trusty friend, the internet, and found 10 traits that all leaders share.  These are in […]

Your Teenager and Their Self-Image Is Not In Tact!

Self Image

Your teenager will externalize what they internalize. This happens from their family, social circles, and their schools. Perhaps the largest of all these sources of self-image is the media. Most teenagers do not live in the real world. They live in their own world, created for them, by the media and their social circles. If […]

The Vast Benefits of a Positive Mindset and their Effect on your Professional Life.

Saleswoman in bakery selling bread to customer

 Being more positive in all areas of your life makes room for far greater success and satisfaction in your life, personal and professional.  Your professional and personal life are equally affected by your mindset.  A positive mindset will build, repair, and protect professional and personal relationships.  Using more positive language and behavior will build support […]