The Vast Benefits of a Positive Mindset and their Effect on your Professional Life.

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 Being more positive in all areas of your life makes room for far greater success and satisfaction in your life, personal and professional.  Your professional and personal life are equally affected by your mindset.  A positive mindset will build, repair, and protect professional and personal relationships.  Using more positive language and behavior will build support […]

Marketers, Salespeople, and Closers!

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What a world of difference between them and they all get treated the same unfortunately! “When companies learn the difference they will forge ahead in growth and prosperity!” There are some lessons that you have just got to learn the hard way and take your hard knocks and hopefully learn from those knocks and move […]

When is enough, enough? When you decide it is enough.


We all have at least one thing that we do that would fall under the category of self-sabotaging behavior.  Some people drink, some people smoke, some people use drugs, some people use sex, and some people go the extra mile to ruin relationships with people they love.  All of these are examples of self-sabotaging.  Usually, […]

Accept The Pain To Lessen The Pain

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Life will sometimes throw a curve ball at you and you will get hurt.  I am not referring to physical pain; (although that does happen sometimes) I am referring to emotional pain.  The kind of pain that comes from a breakup or a divorce, the loss of a loved one, or even the guilt of […]

Seven Days to a More Grateful Perspective

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 A week ago I decided to engage in a 7 day challenge.  I wanted to post on Facebook every day 3 things that I was grateful for.  Each day it had to be 3 different things, not the same thing over and over each day.  I am not really sure what inspired me to do […]

How much money is your life worth?

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Stress is unpleasant at best.  At its worst, it will kill you.  When stress is random and dealt with effectively then its effects will be short and fleeting.  When stress becomes your daily mind set, that mind set of stress will be carried over into the next day, the next week, the next month, and […]

Stand or Sit?

Solutions and strategy

When dealing with conflict, you either avoid it, instigate and thrive in it, or mediate it out as best as possible.  If you are someone that avoids it, you shut down and simply refuse to deal with it, taking a very passive role and giving in no matter the cost to you or the ones […]

Portal of the Mind!

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Inspired by a two ladies that walk with me a couple of nights a week Love is such a funny concept and it means so many things to so many people. Many have a solid cookie cutter idea of love and anything that does not fall within their excepted boundary of love is not really […]

The context that you frame a situation in will deliver the perception of the reality that you convince yourself is right!


-Theatre of your mind; those blinding glimpses of your inner director at work-   When someone is placing something into proper context as it is called they are framing the situation from a starting belief about a subject matter and backing it up by perceived evidence. It is estimated that as much as 25% of […]

Hello?? Am I in here at all?

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          There are so many ideas floating around in the world about gender roles and identities that it’s no wonder so many people are confused and feel lost.  I am including myself in this because I too at times feel confused about where my life should go.  Let me just say […]