Become Your Own Best Friend

Woman celebrating sport success

It is important that just as we strive to see the good in people, we must also admit to ourselves what we know to be true about people we know that harbor bad habits.  Initially, new acquaintances may appear to be “all that,” but in the end they prove themselves to be nothing more than […]

Why do we self-sabotage?

Late for Work Stressed Couple Checking Time in Kitchen.

            It’s often said in that we are our own worst enemy.  We have many obstacles in life that we need to maneuver around to get where we want to go.  It seems rather odd that people would create these obstacles on their own in an attempt to deflect the […]

How do you know what you want?

Left out

  Dreams, goals, and aspirations are needed and without them life becomes stagnant and non-stimulating.  Defining what you want is one process in and of itself; however going after what you want is all that much harder.  Once you feel secure about what you want and how you are going to go about getting it […]

Your Teenager May Be Going Through Hell… and You May Not Even Realize It!

So much work ahead

As parents, we want to love and protect our teenagers and be sure that they are prepared for their journey in life, because odds are our teenagers will outlive us and then they must make their own way. We want to be good and responsible parents, making sure we provide the mental training needed so […]


To do list

I am super busy these days.  It is hard sometimes to keep all the plates spinning so one doesn’t break.  Schedules and set agendas for the day are absolutely required to ensure that I get everything done.  I am not a person that likes to follow schedules at all.  I enjoy floating through life as […]

Teenagers are going through a lot in their world…

Negative Thoughts

and you may not even realize the Hell your teenager is going through! This blog may come across as a giant surprise to many adults who have teenagers living in their home and think they know what their teen is going through. The reality is that it does not matter if you do or do […]

Ask questions to seek answers!

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         I am a question asker.  I always have been.  I always want to know why; why can’t I have this or that, or do this or that.  When I got in trouble as a child I always questioned further.  (Usually whomever I was in trouble with was further annoyed by my […]

Money Does Not Buy Happiness

Money in hand

…but It Does Allow You to Pursue It on Your Own Terms. “Many of our daily problems and mental obstacles are created from lack of money.” I hear it all the time that money does not buy happiness. Also, when I am around people who lack money, I often hear complaints about not having enough […]

Accepting what is.


So much of life changes every day that at times I am left confused as to where I want to be only to come full circle right back to where I was, and wanting to be there.  It is super frustrating because I want to grow and be better every day and yet I am […]