The Real Self-Help Problem That Is Not Being Addressed

Green Arrow Breaks Through Maze Walls

Below are a few examples of situations that may be common to people who feel unsuccessful in their lives, either professionally or personally.   You buy a self-help course with great enthusiasm and when it arrives, you proudly set it up on the book shelf for the next day that you have time to listen […]

How Judgments Hurt You & Secretly Help You on Your Path to Growth


As Strange as This Sounds, Your Personal Judgments Can Help You to Become Aware of Beliefs That You Are Operating From Out of Default.  So where do judgments come from?  Judgments are instilled in us beginning at the time of our birth by our environment.  Our judgments are mimicked behavior from our family, our friends, […]

The Power Of Self-Imagery To Invoke The Life That You Want To Experience!

Molecular Thoughts

Your brain is a powerful tool for success and healing. If you program the brain for what you want to happen with enough belief to make it happen the brain will follow the DNA of that belief and come about for you. Self-Imagery that has the belief of this reality is absolutely going to happen […]

Impulsive And Implosive People

Becoming Mindful of your Behavior

Impulsive And Implosive People Is one worse than the other?  The truth is that they are both equally bad and destructive in their own way.  Below are the definitions of each type of person. An implosive person is someone that keeps a fairly neutral attitude on the outside as if nothing emotionally bothers them.  However, […]

Quality Education vs. Over Education

So much work ahead

Over education: There is a term you do not hear very often. Over qualified? Sure! But over educated? Not so much. Education is an important and contributing factor to long term success in your personal life as well as your professional life, and it should always be a lifelong goal. But it is only one contributing factor to […]

5 Ways we sabotage our personal growth!

Late for Work Stressed Couple Checking Time in Kitchen.

We are our own worst enemy.  There are so many ways that we can detour our path to business and professional growth.  In my many years of helping people from every imaginable walk of life achieve success I have pinpointed 5 of the most important ways we get in our own way.  Some of these […]

Five Essential Key Points For Achieving Success As An Entrepreneur – Part 1

Businessmen handshaking

Achieving Success As An Entrepreneur  Going into business for yourself is a major decision and one that should not be taken lightly.  There are so many situations that can end your business venture that you may never see coming.  In the almost 30 years that I have been a successful entrepreneur as well as business […]

The “Should” & “Should Not’s” of It All.


From the time we are born we are instilled with “what we should be doing” with our life. It starts with our parents.  They have definite ideas about what we should and should not do.  When we do what we should we are rewarded.  When we do what we shouldn’t do we are punished.  We […]

“Battle of the mind” is a game that must be won within your mind.

Battle of the Mind

“Battle of the mind” is a game that must be won within your mind in order to live your preferred life.   All of your life’s battles are won or lost in your mind first.  You must condition your mind to win at all times so that you do not lose the life that you want […]

What Do You Do When Opportunity Presents Itself?

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Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could become more alert to each and every opportunity that comes our way so we could take full advantage of it?  Most of the opportunities that present themselves are over looked because they appear disguised as work and people are reluctant to invest themselves into anything that does not […]