How much money is your life worth?

Problem in business

  Stress is unpleasant at best.  At its worst, it will kill you.  When stress is random and dealt with effectively then its effects will be short and fleeting.  When stress becomes your daily mind set, that mind set of stress will be carried over into the next day, the next week, the next month, […]

Stand or Sit?

Solutions and strategy

   When dealing with conflict, you either avoid it, instigate and thrive in it, or mediate it out as best as possible.  If you are someone that avoids it, you shut down and simply refuse to deal with it, taking a very passive role and giving in no matter the cost to you or the […]

Portal of the Mind!

Young Couple Sitting on Love Seat

Inspired by a two ladies that walk with me a couple of nights a week Love is such a funny concept and it means so many things to so many people. Many have a solid cookie cutter idea of love and anything that does not fall within their excepted boundary of love is not really […]

The context that you frame a situation in will deliver the perception of the reality that you convince yourself is right!


-Theatre of your mind; those blinding glimpses of your inner director at work-   When someone is placing something into proper context as it is called they are framing the situation from a starting belief about a subject matter and backing it up by perceived evidence. It is estimated that as much as 25% of […]

Hello?? Am I in here at all?

young businessman in front of a crossroad

          There are so many ideas floating around in the world about gender roles and identities that it’s no wonder so many people are confused and feel lost.  I am including myself in this because I too at times feel confused about where my life should go.  Let me just say […]

Is it possible to love someone enough to change them?


I read an article today about a woman that was in an abusive relationship.  The first question that she was asked was why she stayed for so long when he was physically abusive to her.  Her answer was simple.  She stayed because she felt that if she could show him she loved him enough that […]

An Inside Perspective of Mental Illness

Pretty young woman seated on floor with depressed expression. White background.

Mental illness is all around us and most people, doctors and scientists as well, still do not have a concrete understanding of what it is.  The recent death of Robin Williams is still heavily on many people’s minds and even though he was very honest about his struggles with depression, many, myself included, still have […]

Self-Love: What it is and what it isn’t.


Self-love is an important aspect of healthy self-esteem.  How do you define it if you do not understand what it really means?  Self-love is about being confident, respecting yourself, knowing who you are and having high self-esteem.  So now that I have addressed a very broad meaning of what self-love is, I will address what […]

The Benefits of Daydreaming

Molecular Thoughts

Daydreaming gets a bad rap.  If a person is daydreaming then they are not paying attention, find the point of conversation boring, or long for things they do not currently have.  There have been many studies on this subject with varying results.  A study done by Harvard in 2010 linked daydreaming with unhappiness, citing that […]

Public School Provides an Incomplete Education

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When I was in high school, the focus of education was on facts and formulas.  History required repetitions of ancient facts, Algebra required memorizing steps to formulas, English required understanding of sentence structure and the ability to write a proper essay on any topic, and then of course there was P.E. and group sports, music […]