A Focused Life Is A Life Worth Living!

“When you focus your life, it will be the cutting energy to cut through all your obstacles.” —Brady Cameron

Time Clock_iStock_000014314688XSmallMany times I have had people look at my life in disbelief—yet amazed at my results—ask where I found the time to accomplish all the things that I have. I was—for at least a little while—taken back by this question and their amazement. But as I begin to notice other people and their serious lack of focus in their life and their unfocused time management, it became apparent to me why they were amazed with me in the first place.

I was taught by my martial arts instructor that if you are going to be successful and happy you have to get your mind around time and learn to flow with it. I think most people believe that if they focus on time they will miss the beauty in life. However, I found it to be quite the opposite. I found that when I was on time and paying attention, not much got by me.

Sometimes, when you are aware of the time that you have, you are respectful of the things around you. Time teaches us that this moment right now in time will never come again for us and that it needs to be taken seriously and that you should paid attention to it.

When I cut out all the things that were not important to me and hung around with people that were mover and shakers, it was easy to accomplish a lot because I was always working on what I wanted to do or what needed to be done.

I do not like it when people waste time doing something that someone else can do faster and better. We all have the same amount of time in the day but it is how we spend it that makes all the difference in our life and for those who are in our lives. Warriors in life knows that time is of the essence and that we must not waste this valuable commodity because we can never get it back.

Focused attention is so powerful it is among the first mental tools you should learn to get under control. When you have focused attention, you have the mental tool that we call in our Mental Warrior Trainingdisciplined attention.

When people say, “I wish I had more time,” they are really saying that it is not that important to them anyways. Or, they are saying that it is so important to them that they want to keep on experiencing it, which is how I like to spend my time: experiencing focused attention within the experience I chose to create.

After all, I would rather spend one day within an experience that I chose to create with my focused attention rather than be trapped for a thousand years within an experience that I did not want to experience or focus on. 🙂