The Extra Benefit of Laughter!

iStock_000002111778SmallI laugh.  I laugh a lot and I laugh at everything.  In fact, most of my emotions are filtered through laughter first.  If I am upset, I will laugh it off.  If I am nervous, or don’t know what to say, or feel weird in any way, I laugh.  I laugh at most people’s jokes even if they are not funny.  In fact, I am the worst person to watch movies with because I have my own commentary going on in my head and I will laugh at inappropriate times because of this comedic commentary.  I’ve woken myself up laughing more than I have snoring or crying.  I even laugh at my own mistakes, usually though it’s after the fact.

I know that there are health benefits to laughing so I have to think I am pretty healthy with as much as I laugh.  Laughter brings about a release of endorphins, lowers stress, helps improve cardiac function, boosts T-Cells, and it provides a general sense of well-being.  These are all proven by science, so if science says so it must be true.  (That’s my inner commentary coming out.)

I have my own theory about why laughter is so good for us.  I think it helps to allow us to not take things so seriously all the time.  At least that is how I view it.  I am human and I make mistakes all the time.   I make big mistakes and little mistakes.  I fall down, and better still I roll down.  (That’s more than just one fall, it’s like several rolls, down a hill.)  Because I laugh at everything, even myself when I make mistakes, I laugh at myself about it and then let it go.  I used to not do this.

I used to hang on to my mistakes and beat myself up for them for months and months at a time.  It was so bad that I would tip toe around the entire subject of my mistake and not allow anyone to bring it up or reference it at all.  If they did, it just prolonged my mental self-boxing match that much longer.  Hanging on to mistakes to the level that I did made me a very moody and closed person.  I was moody with my kids as well.  I was way too serious and way too hard on myself.  And guess what?!?!  So much happened to me that was very negative in such a small time frame that I think I broke my brain.  Like literally, my serious brain cracked and fell away.  How do I know this??  Because now, if I make a mistake, I laugh it off, I do not hang onto it, and I do not beat myself up about it. I am a serious person when it comes to work, or discipline with my kids, or homework, all the normal stuff, yet I make it fun.  They are way happier now that their fun mom sings really loud from the loft of the house, or cracks jokes while they are trying to tell me something about their day, or just stares at them until they laugh like crazy.  I am way happier as well too.  So laugh!  Laugh at everything!  It is better than being upset!