Fear of success is as bad as fear of failure.

iStock_000004240456Large           Fear on any level is self-defeating.  Many people hold onto a fear of failure and they never become successful.  It is easy to understand how that type of fear can hold you down.  Fear of success can equally hold you down.  Not many people talk about that though.   To even admit that to yourself or someone else if you do have this issue seems like the dumbest thing in the world.  Why would anyone fear success?  Certainly attaining success would mean you would maintain success, right?

That is where this hiccup comes into play.  It is general knowledge that once you attain a goal, you then have to maintain it.  Maintaining a goal is harder than achieving it.  Let’s say you or someone you know decides to lose a 100lbs for health reasons.  This is a whole life overhaul.  Every habit you have has to be changed to accommodate a new lifestyle.  If you need to shed 100lbs you know that you have to change the way you look at food.   This means that when you decide to eat something that does not coincide with your goals, you have to limit it to maybe only once a week.  With the right attitude, change of dietary needs, and more movement you will be well on your way to achieving your goal.  However, once you achieve that goal you might stop and go right back to where you were.  Why?  Simply because you lack the confidence in yourself to maintain this life change.  Your focus has been all along that you just need to shed the 100lbs and then you get to go right back to what you were doing before.   You didn’t go into it with the mindset that you are making permanent life choices.  You went into it with temporary choices.    You had no fear of achieving success.  You did doubt yourself that you would maintain it.  Starting that journey with the attitude of “this is temporary” will mean that your success is also temporary.

In the world of business, I have seen this happen as well.  A person sets out to own and operate a successful business with a great model of how to get to that point.  Once they are at that point, they feel they can relax as the business will keep going on auto pilot.  It does not work that way.  The market changes, the supply and demand might change, or the competitors might increase.   This is where a person has to be open minded enough to see when change is needed and to gain the right knowledge to adapt and grow through that change.  That can be hard.  I met someone once that was afraid to be successful at work because as he put it “if I am successful today, then I have to be successful tomorrow as well.  It will be expected of me to maintain that success every day and I just do not think I can do that.” (That is a true story.)

My personal opinion is that if you achieve success on any goal that you set out to achieve, maintaining it will be easy if you go into the process of it and make clear lifelong decisions.  Along with those decisions, commit to yourself that you will always educate yourself to maintain that goal and it will be an easy maintained achievement.