Hitting More Goals with Mental Warrior Training

Boxer throwing punchImagine clenching your fist as you get ready to strike with all your might. Your hands are up while you lock down in your best defense posture. Your knees are bent. You are ready to whip your whole body into the power of your punch. You focus on your target as you get ready to strike. Ki-YAH!

We would all like to believe that we could hit hard—and accurately—when we have to, especially in regards to our goals. However, goals are not stationary targets that sit there so we can easily hit them. They constantly change and move, which means we need to be mentally flexible enough to shift and adapt in order to keep up. If not, we run the risk of wasting a lot of mental energy trying to hit a target that is not even there.

Have you ever felt—despite you best effort and raging positive attitude—that you do not always quite connect with your goals, nor hit them as easily as you would like?

Mental Warrior Training is like martial arts, but for the mind. Historically, martial arts have proven to be effective in life and death battles as well as day-to-day living. Outside of combat, the emphasis has always been to shape your mind in order to shape you life.  The idea has always been to develop as many tools as possible—physically and mentally—in order to always have that fighting chance to live.

Today, “live” means something quite different. While we may not always face true life and death situations, we still have to make decisions that profoundly affect the outcome of our lives and how we live. That is why Mental Warrior Training is fashioned after the battle-proven principles of martial arts, because modern-day living is still a battle—but mostly of the mind.

The primary difference, of course, is that Mental Warrior Training does not have any physical fighting movements. It does, however, incorporate plenty of mental tools and mind building techniques. After all, it is all about developing a powerful warrior mindset in order to better control the flow and outcome of your life.

Aside from the obvious mental training, there are three things that give Mental Warrior Training its distinct advantage: 1.) Certified Instructors, 2.) Live Classroom Environments, and 3.) a Belt-Ranking System.

The instructors have real-world application and can, therefore, ensure the separation of theory from reality. They provide guidance and insight on the proper use of your Mental Warrior techniques.

The Live Classroom provides an environment that helps you shift out from the daze of daily living while providing a setting for like-minded people to gather, share, and learn from one another.

The Belt-Ranking System allows you to track your progress through the different evolutions of consciousness, much like how martial arts marks your growth by using a different colored belt each time you grow.

As a result, Mental Warrior Training equips you with the mindset and the skills you need to hit more of your goals with confidence. Best of all, it prepares you for the real world and gives you a fighting chance, and chance favors the prepared mind.

Happy creating! 🙂

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