What Would Life Be Like If You Were Into The Flow Of The Stream Of Life?  


Question ManCan You Picture How Effective, Happy, And Successful You Would Be If Your Goals Were Automatically Aligned With Your Desires?


Additionally, what self- help course provides the experience and power that it takes to literally force all your efforts to multiply tenfold?


Answer ManAnswer: The Into the Flow Consciousness Course


The Into the Flow self- help course is a specialized embodiment of mental self-manifesting technologies based on the book Teachings of Soke Draconis that will place you automatically in control of your life and dreams!


Read on for proof (and a life changing experience)…


Hello my friend this is Brady Cameron…Let me first say I am much like you. As a businessman and father of three wonderful children, I just want to be happy and successful in life, business, and fatherhood.  The only significant difference that may currently exist between us now is that I have taken precise steps towards achieving the life I desire to live.  And now, I would like to share with you the secrets of the mind (and those steps I took) … and how the mind affects your life on a day to day basis, by way of the Teachings of Soke Draconis my third published book.


Beliefs do create your realities!


  Embracing the model that your beliefs form your thoughts and your thoughts serve to shape your reality is of fundamental importance.  The mind will allow you to build the life you want to live if you choose to assume control of your mental abilities.  Truth is, as I see it, anyone can have happiness if they are willing to place a small amount of energy into learning the procedures for living life with zeal and confidence, quenching their desire to be the very best they can be for themselves and their family.

If you were handed a proven method to achieve your inner most desires would you take advantage of it, or let it rest idly on the shelf? 

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Happiness and financial security are all up to you, and yes, even in this crazy economy that we are currently living in! The Teachings of Soke Draconis, which I and my circle of Mental Black Belt’s will instruct you in, is guaranteed to transport your life to the next levels of happiness and achievement in your life! This Mental Black Belt training home course will allow you to gain clarity with these direct learning exercises which will transport you Into the Flow in seemingly an instant, expanding your worldview and bringing about insights that have not likely before entered your mind. 

Would you agree that identifying a wider range of options mentally forms a superior foundation allowing you to make better choices?  These choices made from a broader perspective will enable your goals to manifest into a fuller reality, launching your existence into new levels of achievement.  We’re talking not only easier success, but truly fulfilling success that provides radiant happiness – You know… the kind of happiness that leaves a warm feeling in your chest and an uncontrollable smile on your face.

However, not everyone is ready for this type of exceptional mental training! 

The Truth Is…

Only people truly ready for change will respond to this unique offer!

THAT is what I’m counting on!  


So is it your time?

 Read on and let’s find out together…  


Self Help High Five

This course is only for people who want to clear their mental paths of worn out beliefs and move ahead in life by gaining the advantage needed in order to live a happy, rewarding life and not blame others for their mistakes. This is not a Martial Art course! This is a mental life development course that will allow you to live life as you choose and allow you to make the correct decisions about your life.  You will finally leave the survivor mentality and embark into the lifestyle of a Creator and attain comfort from feeling real control over your life experiences.  

Because of my being experienced in martial arts for 30 years I have worked with just about every ego and personality type that someone could ever encounter. I was able to learn from them all and find out what makes them click, and also learn what makes them falter and not achieve Black Belt status, or drop out completely.  Identifying the follower allows you to step out of your own way.  Competing against yourself makes it very difficult for you to move ahead beyond the mindless mental barrage of debilitating thoughts to a place of mental well-being.  Sadly, most people will never get out of their own way, or stop hindering their own success!

I am a 10th degree Black Belt in the martial art of Kempo-JuJitsu. However, I again want to stress to you that this is not a Martial Arts class I am offering you. This is a unique mental training program based on the time-tested and true teachings of Soke Draconis designed to give you the tools needed to build your life the way you choose.  You will quickly gain control of your emotions and your physical health through mental visualization techniques, core cognitive mental procedures, and the development of your personal will and attention.

The emotional stress that is in your life and currently stopping you from advancing your life in the way you desire will come to an end! Unintentionally, almost all of us sabotage our own efforts in relentless fashion.  The powerful exercises contained in the Into the Flow Consciousness Course give you the means to cease self-destructive patterns immediately. You will not only get rid of the memories that are causing the pain and stress, but you will also be relieved of the energy that is creating it. That’s right! You will learn to drain the energy right out of the emotions that are causing you pain and stopping your recovery process allowing you to experience significant breakthroughs.


Emotional ControlEmotional Control Is The Key To Massive Life Results…


Consider for a moment that people with the happiest relationships have discovered emotional control. Controlling your emotions does not mean ignoring them.  It means to recognize them as they occur for what they are really trying to communicate to you, and acting in accord with them to achieve a favorable outcome.  In fact, if you enroll in any course on personal responsibility, those who recruited you will invest in fostering your emotional control because they know it will free you up to focus on your more positive strengths – thereby increasing effectiveness! 

Let’s face the facts about your life as you currently know it…

  • Deadlines and commitments have you bogged down and constantly stressed out.
  • You are having trouble finding alone time, or the time required to foster and grow intimate relationships or friendships.
  • You constantly feel drained and you have no idea how to stop the continued downward spiral of your life.
  • You feel depressed or extremely unresolved about your current daily issues and past issues leaving you with no idea how to repair the damage that has been done to you or the loved ones in your life.
  • You have a chaotic aura to you when you have to go to work and do not approach your work with massive action and passion.
  • You allow little things to side track you from getting to work and always feel as if there is not enough time to get everything done that you need to accomplish daily which leaves you even more stressed.
  • Lack of emotional control and financial understanding has you consistently behind the proverbial financial and emotional eight ball. 


Lack of emotional control destroys your finances, relationships with those around you, and your inner happiness – All in one fell swoop… But the Into the Flow Consciousness Course is about to change all of that for you…


✔  The Into the Flow Consciousness Course will resolve the emotional states that cause you to spend too much and invest too little for your future. This will give you the ability to finally reach and stay on solid financial ground, while prospering and enjoying all of the things you like to do in life.  Think travel, weekend outings, gifts for family, new toys, etc…

 ✔ You can say goodbye to those runaway urges to spend on things that really have no significance in your life other than to satisfy in the moment urges to spend for immediate gratification. Finally, ridding yourself of these undesirable impulses will make dramatic differences in your personal finances right away!  You’ll be able to observe positive results immediately.

 ✔ Rid yourself of high and low energy cycles have you spinning around in your head that have you on an up and down emotional rollercoaster, leaving you torn apart mentally, physically and financially.  Learning to control the flow of your energy will automatically relieve your stress and the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality disorder will be gone forever, allowing you to enjoy life on a more even keel.  You’ll finally achieve that even balance in life!

 ✔ Direct learning exercises give you the means to cease self-destructive patterns caused by underlying fears that you may not even be aware you are battling on a sub-conscious level. Clearing your mind of unwanted thoughts allows you to become more mindful of your place in the world.  This means better organization, better results, and a more fulfilling experience in life, work, and play!

 ✔ Personal acceptance of who you are and of the choices you’ve made frees up your thought process leading to the awakening of your personal will.  Most of our personal will is founded on beliefs that may not even be our own.  Awakening your own personal will allows you to eliminate worn-out, deep-seeded beliefs and leads to decisions based more in line with what feels right for you.  It’s time to get rid of inner conflict for good!

 ✔ Experience real joy of living when we show you how to expand your view of life.  Developing your ideas relative toward the role you were meant (and desire) to play in this lifetime gets you off the sidelines and back into the game, playing by the rules you decree.  It’s your decision and you pick how you want to live and achieve!

 ✔ Put an end to the follower mentality, which has you being led around by others who are controlling your attention in a way that doesn’t serve your success.  Take control over your focus and where it is placed with the exercises performed in this exclusive life-altering course.

 ✔ Rid yourself of anxiety formed through being unsure of the outcome in life situations. Once you have learned to master control over your attention, your success is assured!  Knowing the outcome of your efforts and energies in advance will make any anxiety you once experienced a thing of the past – Smooth sailing from here on out.

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Get Into the Flow Today For Only $197 

You may not even realize the depleted nature of your energy levels, leaving you to sub-consciously feel the need for caffeine and cigarettes, or prescription drugs to get you going in the morning.  You may also need these things to help keep you going throughout the day until you just collapse at the end of the day causing your important relationships with your children and loved ones to suffer, once again.  In truth, when you see someone that is happy-go-lucky you are either envious or jealous (hey, I was here too), and want to know what makes them so happy, content, and successful. 

 There Is Nothing Wrong With You!

You Have the Same Problem That Plagues 99% Of The World’s Population, Unconsciously…


This Problem Is…


Your beliefs, thoughts, and actions are incongruent and misaligned! You have become so submerged in the daily intake of information that you have been programmed to death, and lack the personal clarity to correct things. When your personal will is so indoctrinated into what everyone else wants you to do… you get extremely worn out and lose clarity about what is important to you, and you lose the drive to move forward in your life.

The most important thing to remember is just because you’re holding down a job and other responsibility does not mean that your life is moving forward. Honestly, you could be doing nothing more than repeating patterns to stay afloat in your life in the process of working and dealing with the daily minutia of everyday life…but not really moving forward in a massively rewarding way!

Remember: Albert Einstein taught us that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity!

Belief ManThe Self-Control & Personal Accomplishment Techniques In The Into the Flow Consciousness Creation Program Give You The Daily Mental Edge You Need To Become A Mental Black Belt! 


✔ Imagine taking a proven system of mental tools and applying them daily to make what you desire manifest.  Have a dream you want to accomplish?

✔ Just think how it will feel when your friends and family will notice the awesome changes taking place in your life.  They’ll likely begin to ask you what changed you into a happy-go-luck results machine.

✔ Picture the confidence you will gain at work and how much more relaxed your day will be as you more easily achieve your goals and make massive daily improvements in your job performance. (Can you say pay raise or promotion?)

✔ Develop meaningful relationships with incredible confidence allowing you to build long-term success and happy memories. Happiness is yours for the taking!

✔ Recognize your emotions on a conscious level so you become better able to not only control them, but utilize them to your advantage in any situation.  Talk about complete control!

✔ Acquire the mental clarity to identify and rid yourself of hidden beliefs that are preventing you from creating a more rewarding daily reality.  Get out of your own way and watch your results triple as a result.

✔ Awaken your personal will so that the outcomes to your choices become more predictable and in line with the gratified life you want to experience.

✔ Empower yourself by fine tuning your focused attention inward, on your strongest qualities so you can increase your effectiveness immeasurably. 

 You can be the Mental Black Belt that is trained in these state-of-the-art mental technologies found exclusively in the #1 most powerful self-development course available on the market today. Your days of low confidence and inadequate self-esteem are over and the fears that have kept you in your daily suffering will come to an end quickly. And when we say quickly…we mean as swiftly in some cases as within 72 hours!


Martial artsIs This A Martial Arts Course?


 No… this is a mental self-defense and achievement course that allows you to become a Mental Black Belt through the proven, time-tested mental techniques based on the Teachings of Soke Draconis and taught in the Mental warrior training course (into the flow)Personal Development Program.  


The Into the Flow Consciousness Course will teach you the following things and much more! 


 ✔ Learn to control your emotions and quit behaving through the animal instincts. When you respond through the benefit of your intelligence, you do less harm to yourself and those around you, while opening more possibilities for everyone involved.

✔ Learning to control your emotions will give you a firm grip on your attention. The control of your attention will allow you to stay focused giving you the ability to manifest what you want in your life through the direction of your personal will.

✔ Learning to control your emotions will not allow you to be a survivor or a victim. When you can control your emotions, no other person alive can hurt your feelings and make you feel insignificant. This one teaching alone will change your life dramatically.

✔ Learning to control your emotions will give you a much more intimate experience with your life and the amount of happiness and joy you feel.  This is where you learn to get the ultimate “achievement”- happiness and true fulfillment.

✔ Learning to control your emotions makes you feel more in control and sure of yourself and your personal decisions. This new confidence will allow you to forge ahead through decisions in your life with certainty and conviction.

✔ Learning to control your emotions helps you to correctly identify the worn out beliefs that are holding you back and shows you how to eliminate them from your life forever, freeing up your mind to concentrate and focus directly on achieving your goals.

✔ Learning to control your emotions pinpoints the beliefs you are currently operating from, which may be forming an undesirable reality.  This will allow you to illuminate them and begin forming positive, more accurate beliefs in line with the reality you wish to create.

✔ Learning to control your emotions stimulates your personal will into action.  Formulating power to control your personal will forms a direct route to achievement of your goals since you are not sidetracked by the opinions of others. 



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Get Into the Flow Today For Only $197 


“Why Do I Need A Master In The Martial Arts To Teach Me How To Be Successful?”


 Let’s be honest, you could read hundreds of books trying to find the secrets in search of gaining the answers to life’s most troublesome questions. Or you could trust a proven Grandmaster and accomplished Black Belt in his system of mental development based on the time-tested Teachings of Soke Draconis that could advance you to the top of the success ladder and begin living a happier and more productive life right away. It is my sincere hope to personally meet you as well as share stories about our journeys and enrich the quality of each other’s life experiences! 


Let’s face it – the best way to get ahead is to make a decision to place your training in the hands of a true and tested seasoned professional. As it happens, it was my students who pushed for the release of the  mental warrior teachings outside of the Martial Arts Federation. They wanted others to experience the secrets that they have learned from the course to manifest their own fortunes and abundance of happiness and successful relationships in their own lives. 


 Here are what real people, just like you, had to say about these teachings… 

CathyEvery time I have taken a personal development course in the past I walked away feeling like something still was missing. The Into the flow home course was simple and direct and I got more from this home course than courses I have taken for weeks at a time and spent thousands of dollars on and had to leave my city to participate in. I strongly urge you to do the into the home course you will not be disappointed in anyway is my experience.

 Cathy Sisomphou, Las Vegas, NV


ClaudiaI have read many self-improvement books and the audio courses line my wall. I have taken two big week courses and was not quite sure what I learned or even how to use it. The Into the flow course was referred to me by a friend which is the only reason I gave it some merit. And not sound tacky but I thought with their ninety day guarantee if it did not work I can return it. I did not return it and still go through the mental exercises that are truly transformative. My attention focus improved, my personal will is stronger and stress as been dealt with and I feel free. I recommend it to everyone who is ready and willing to transform. 

 Claudia Robles, Las Vegas, NV 

Kurt and Mick

Live Mental Warrior Training and the “Into the Flow Home Study Course”  have helped me move my life and business in the right direction. Not only did I find it useful personally, but it also helped give me the strength & knowledge I needed to be successful and confident when starting and running my own business.

Kurt Rasche, N.Las Vegas, NV 




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Get Into the Flow Today For Only $197 


As you can see, the results are real and the changes in these people’s lives have been immeasurable. 

Are you ready to experience “The Change?”

 And to put your mind at ease, here is my unconditional money back guarantee… 

If for any reason you do not like the course and feel it does not live up to the statements made in this short letter, you can keep the course and receive a complete refund of the purchase price you paid with no questions asked.

That is how confident I am in you reaping the benefits and experiencing real life results from the application of your efforts as outlined in this course. 

Why Am I So Confident The Course Will Work For You?

I have had the privilege of working with thousands of people in my martial arts and personal development courses. Working one on one with my students has allowed me the opportunity to understand the wide variety of personality types and thinking systems people possess. I was able to find the common denominators over my 20 years of teaching and have formulated the Into the Flow Consciousness Course while also relentlessly putting it to the test. So in short, it is now available to transform your life and comes backed with a guarantee of twenty years of direct application, testing, and results on real people just like you, in their real lives. 

 The Teachings of Soke Draconis places the responsibility with each of us to invest in ourselves immediately, starting with these words of extreme wisdom, “Spend more time on yourself than you do on anything else and you are sure to get everything you want…” 


“So What Do I Do Now?”

 The next step is easy! Just follow the instructions below and download your Into the Flow training course (and if purchased, wait for your shipment to arrive). The Into the Flow Consciousness Course is downloadable and you can always access the course 24/7.

 But It Gets Better…

 I Have Some Extremely Special Gifts For You… 

Order now and receive my two most popular publications via instant download… 

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Both of these incredible volumes are also based on The Teachings of Soke Draconis, which will enhance and grow your ability to achieve massive results, and emotional control in your life! 

Additionally, you will also receive my Mental Black Belt Report to supercharge your ability to make clear, achievement oriented decisions! 

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Get Into the Flow Today For Only $197