Who is Brady Cameron and Why Should You Listen To Him?

Besides being a highly entertaining host with a great ensemble cast (Steve Garcia, Kimba Listic, Racheal Allert and Kathe Kurtz), he also brings on local Las Vegas experts and leaders and gives you information you can use in your day to day life.

But who is he exactly?

Here is a little information to help you get you to know Your “The Personal Development Show” host:

Brady Cameron is a 10th degree Grand Master in his own Martial Art: Kempo-Jujitsu.

He is Internationally Ranked and recognized as a World-class Speaker and Leader in the field of Human Potential and Personal Development.

Mr. Cameron began his Martial Art training at the age of fifteen and started studying personal development at the same age. Currently he has been studying the martial arts and personal development field for 31 years and has read over two thousand books on the subjects of Personal Development and Psychology. In addition, he has attended and participated in well over a hundred personal development seminars, workshops, and retreats.

About his extensive training, Mr. Cameron remarks, “Martial Arts, personal development, and psychology just seem to go hand-in-hand to me. I wanted to improve myself at all levels and focusing my attention on these three major arenas seemed to be a logical conclusion for how to bring the philosophies together.

“This is how I created the very unique training system of Mental Warrior Training. I took the mental lessons of the Martial Arts together with the lessons of personal development and psychology and combined them together through practical experience from my life and through thousands of my student’s life experiences and formed a training system that changes your life by transforming your mind.

“Also, I had the advantage of managing health clubs along with owning and operating a management company that showed health club owners how to promote themselves.  This life experience afforded me the opportunity to work with many high level performers in that industry as well. Further, when I opened my Martial Arts schools in Texas and started to teach and work on my business, many other aspects of personal and life lessons opened up for me from another practical point of view that also depended on massive experiential situations.

“My schools were exceedingly successful, but I wanted to go into personal development training and I had a unique perspective and idea in mind, which is how the Mental Warrior Training was formed.  The idea was to take out all the fighting, sparring and physical martial arts, replace it with real life experience in the real world, and employ a unique mental technology that allowed the student to change their life by transforming their mind and themselves.

“Starting with nothing in my life, no money and little education, I have worked my way from a salesman at the bottom of the pile to the manager of health clubs, on to owner of a management company, and then owner of my own Martial Art Schools.  In addition, with my martial arts training, personal development training, and my own life lessons, I have created a system of mind technology that truly does change people and their lives.”

Mr. Cameron has currently written four personal development books with a fifth one in the works. He also created The Personal Development Show so people can sample the Mental Warrior Training and philosophy behind the training first hand.  This approach allows you to gain a working knowledge of how the Mental Warrior Training system can work for you so you can discover the advantages for yourself.

He currently is the founder and CEO of the Mental Warrior Training Company in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. He is training and certifying other ambitious people who also want to own and operate their own Mental Warrior Training Academy.  


  • Mr. Cameron was awarded an Honorary PhD in Philosophy through his sponsoring martial art federation. He had to read assigned books and then perform his dissertation on the books and give his view of philosophy. The sponsoring federation is in over fifty-three countries and has been in business for twenty-five years with thousands of martial artists belonging to this very prestigious martial art federation.
  • Mr. Cameron was awarded the coveted Bushido Code of Honor Award. He is particularly proud of that award because it pertains to how other people view your ‘honor’ and ‘integrity’ throughout the years.