How Is Time Management Related To Well Being?

time managementTime management is a system or method used to improve your efficiency and increase your effectiveness.  Implementing time management techniques will have a positive impact on your overall health, well being and relationships since they help you maintain your focus on the things you wish, want, or need to do most. 

When you are able to move through your day with a sense of balance as a result of effective time management you are more inclined to complete your tasks with ease and without undue struggle that can arise from running late.  Stressing over running out of time to get things accomplished removes you from a state of mind that is conducive to positive outcomes and results if you are calm, cool, and collected.   

Mental Warrior Training implements a great deal of focus towards mastering control over your emotions, which can be critical in the moment of decision making so that you respond as opposed to react when faced with a decision about diverting from your time management plan.  What this means is that if you want to reach the best decision it is important that you do not act on impulse, take a moment to consider several points of view, remember what is most important to you and focus your time and attention in the direction that will help you get it.

It is also important to integrate flexibility into your day by not planning or scheduling tasks, events or errands for every hour of the day.  Running out of time to accomplish everything you planned to do can be detrimental to your mental well-being by creating discord.  This undue hardship can be prevented if you just learn to be realistic about how long things may actually take and ensure that you leave yourself some free time along the way.

Allowing people to manipulate your time can cause additional stress since you become distracted thinking of the things you are supposed to be focused on or accomplishing.  This stress escalates into a demeanor that becomes short and you find yourself snapping at the smallest thing.  Take care to plan your time and stick to your guns as near as possible.  Learning how to say “No” is an invaluable tool for respecting yourself and staying on your timetable.

In an article titled “Principles of Effective Time Management for Balance, Well-being, and Success, “ appearing at Princeton University McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, they suggest asking your friends NOT to call you at specific times and even to enlist them in aiding you to stick to your schedule with, “Tell me to leave in one hour.”  Letting people know in advance that you have a time constraint saves you the awkwardness of trying to leave on a moment’s notice when you realize you are now running late.

Operating your life with no time management system in sight, you are exposing yourself to a myriad of difficulties, distractions and interruptions, none of which serve you in effectively achieving your ambitions. Working in harmony within the confines of time will help you operate through your day with a sense of ease, balance and confidence in knowing you have plenty of time to accomplish all you need to.