How would you like to quit being a victim of advertising companies taking your hard- earned cash before you even know if what they are selling will work for you?

The “pay first” and “wish for a return” method of advertising is far too risky and one of the main reasons small businesses go out of business!

So, what’s the answer? Read on for two minutes and find out!

Brady Cameron

My name is Brady Cameron and I am the founder and host of the locally based radio show called The Personal Development Show! My show is on the local Las Vegas radio station KLAV 1230AM every Monday from 7-9pm. I now have a ((massive)) Las Vegas audience and I am willing to share them with you. We small business owners know that paying money up front for advertising and hoping to get a return is both scary and wishful thinking. If we do get a return, it may not cover our initial investment.

With my method, you invest absolutely “no money” and this way you always get a 100% profit with me!

I have a simple and free alternative that really works. My radio show will be on the air for three years this October. I’ve spent a lot of money, given a lot of time, and a ton of effort into growing it into something special. I continue to invest a monthly budget to enable its expansion every month and you can now benefit from that, as well. Now is the time to offer you ( business owner) a special deal, but I will only work with 20 Business Owners at time, so respond quickly to see if you qualify for this massive Las Vegas exposure—for free.

You receive as a team member:

Self Help Show Box

1. A 15-minute interview on air, using the questions we pre-discuss. This can be pre-recorded for your convenience. You also get to come on the show twice a year as a “highlighted business” and expert in your industry, getting people to know, like and trust you. (Being on television, writing a book or being on a radio show helps make people trust you more quickly, especially when referred by someone your audience trusts, in this case, me. the host.)

2. You receive two commercials on my 2-hour show every Monday (as long as we are working together). That’s a commercial every hour! The commercial is for 30 seconds.

3. You also receive as a team member a video recording of a 7-10 minute interview about your product and service on both my business website and my KLAV Radio website. We will shoot the video for you and do all editing.

4. You get an advertisement on my business website and show’s webpage on KLAV’s website. So, that’s two separate websites with all your information and any offer you want to make. My show is always in the # 1 or 2 spot for local searches! Lots of traffic!

5. Also, you permanently remain on my radio show’s archive page, even after we stop working together. My shows are also archiving on two separate websites (my business website and the KLAV 1230AM Radio show website.) That means double exposure! You also get the benefit of the budget I spend monthly promoting my show. My money is working for you.

Here is what I want from you; it’s simple and easy!

I will place a registration box in your store. You would have your staff hand a small entry blank to your customers, pointing to the box saying, “Register your teen for a free teenage mental self-defense course.” Your customer can register there or take the entry blank with them to register online. I will check and maintain the registration box. You never have to worry about anything, except making sure the registration box stays in the location we agree upon. (To the side is an example of the box.)

Here are the scary facts on why I am doing this offer.

Fact # 1: We, Nevada, are 48th in the nation for education.
Fact #2: Nevada’s kids were voted dead last to be “successful adults.”

That scares the heck out of me, to be frank with you!

Nevada schools are rated 48th in the nation for education and your kids are rated dead last to succeed as an adult later in life! Think of how terrifying that is for your kids and to the parents. Most parents feel helpless to change their teenager’s fate! You can Google this and see it for yourself. You may have heard it already on local Las Vegas news stations. So, I developed a Teenage Mental Warrior Course that is a self-defense course for their minds. It is on a Saturday and Sunday from 10-4pm and it is absolutely free! It focuses on:

1. Their emotions: How to control and manage their emotions, thus stopping their reactions toward impulsive decisions that get so many of our teens in trouble. (No more acting before thinking.)

2. How to control their personal attention, and keep their attention on a subject matter, whether it is learning or going after a goal and keeping their attention trained until they are done.

3. How to identify goals and how to use “strategic thinking” to get them to their end-result of a goal. Also, how not to become frustrated and quit on their goals. (There’s so much more but there’s only so much room to write here.

Personal Development Report

What Do You Do Now If You Are Interested In Being A Team Member? It Is Very Simple!

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