Mental Skills

Why the 6 mental skills are so important to your teenagers success and happiness!

Time management businessman gadgets business conceptIn life there are at least three major educations. There is school education and the grades achieved there. There is life education and knowing how it works. There is the inner-education and knowing how to control and manage yourself. When it comes to the inner-self and control and management none of the other two educations even comes close to getting the education needed for inner-self is achieved.

Your teenager is at a very vulnerable stage in their life between the ages of 13-17 years of age. They are right on the cuff of forming their beliefs for life. They also are forming their habits and actions and their thinking process. Many inner workings get tied up and released by just making excuses and allowing important things to just slide right by them.


They have emotions that are all over the place and will do silly and bad things that can get them hurt and not know how to control and manage their emotions. When they fly off the handle they justify it with their emotions and why it is ok to what they do to themselves or to others. Also, without understanding where to place their emotions into a context of understanding they play the blame game and everything is everyone else’s fault and they are the victim. Sure way to failure.

When they lack the thinking techniques to pick right for them goals and how to achieve them in a specific way their life becomes what feels like to them a failure. You will hear it with things like “nothing ever works out for me.” Everyone else gets all the breaks.” Everyone has so much and I have so little it’s not fair.”  “People are keeping me down.”  “It is so easy for everyone else.” Goals are a huge thing in life and to the success and happiness on your inside and outside. When your teenager loses all the time because of the lack of inner skills it sets up our very next and fatal problem in life.

Low-self-image. When low self-image creeps in as it does with most teenagers removing it from themselves almost never gets done. Adults spend billions of dollars a year trying to fix their low-self-esteem and good for them for doing so. However, the real issue is that if they had been taught the 6 mental skills in life as teenagers they would not have to fix it as an adult.  But, again good for the adults who try and fix their low self-esteem as adults. It is never too late for them.

Strategic thinking without the ability to know and to understand the power of strategic thinking very little gets accomplish in your teenagers life. Strategic thinking is a real power skills. Without failure is a very secure thing because your teenager cannot make the plan to get where they are going. There are several thinking steps for correct strategic thinking.

Productivity/being busy. A lot of people think that being busy is the same as being productive. When they are not even in the same universe at all. That’s like placing a wooly mammoth next to an elephant and calling it the same thing. “NOT!!” When people are being busy you can see the effect on their work. When they are being productive they are getting things done and making things happen. There are of course steps to be productive and making things happen. If you don’t know them your teenager will make excuses and fall behind and may never catch up. This makes them feel like they are living behind the eight ball.

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