Mental Warrior Training: It’s Like Martial Arts…But for the Mind

Woman practicing martial arts formIf you have ever been part of a regular martial arts training program, you already know how much emphasis a “good” martial arts school places on mental training. In fact, it’s a widely accepted belief in the martial arts community that the body follows the mind, and, therefore, the way you train your mind is the way you will respond mentally. (This is true of all things in life!)

Many experts and professionals in the martial arts preach and teach the benefits of a superior mindset. It was my martial arts training in which I learned one my favorite expressions, “Chance favors the prepared mind.”

Most of my training, while very intense physically, was always about how to focus and push mentally. The goal was to go way beyond—both mentally and physically—what a theoretical opponent would be willing to do to me in an attack scenario.

For example, if your attacker is willing to train and push as hard as possible for ten minutes, you should be willing to train as hard as possible for fifteen minutes—or even better, twenty minutes (twice as long).

If your opponent is willing to practice a technique, like a punch or a kick, one-hundred times, you should be willing to practice that technique one-hundred and one times. This meant that even if you were tired and exhausted after one-hundred kicks, you should still be willing to do at least one more than your would-be attacker.

Of course, ideally, whatever your theoretical opponent had the endurance and mental tenacity to do, you should be willing and able to more—always preferably double the amount. This way “chance” would favor you because you are more prepared and you have the superior mindset.

Ultimately, despite how it sounds like you do everything to beat an imaginary opponent that may or may not one day attack you on the street, everything you learn to do in the martial arts is really all about you—it’s all for your benefit.

For example, you learn how to focus your attention and control where you place it. You become aware of your thoughts—even the subtle fear-laced ones that hide in the background. You develop a sense of self-control and self-confidence as you learn to rely and depend on yourself more and more. You learn how to deal with fears, overcome them, and approach things from a new and more courageous perspective.

As you can gather, Mental Warrior Training is merely an extension of the martial arts but without the physical techniques. In other words, you will still build focus, awareness, confidence, and—in a way—the ability to defend yourself, but without all the kicks, punches, throws, joint locks, and chokes. Essentially, through Mental Warrior Training, you become the “master” of your own emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and actions.

While you may never ever get assaulted on the streets by a crazed attacker, chances are that you can be our own worst enemy without the proper mental tools, skills, and techniques to protect you from yourself. Therefore, your true opponent is the one running around in your mind, spouting off fears and creating doubts, which can oftentimes be way more devastating than any physical threat.

If you do not want to be the killer of your dreams, you must be the master of your mind. Hence, the warrior mindset of being prepared for “life and death” situations is a very real practice in Mental Warrior Training, because you cannot afford to have the wrong thoughts running rampant—like a crazed attacker—when trying to create the life you want. Ultimately, your life and your dreams will live or die by your mental state.

Prepare your mind now because chance will favor you later. Happy creating! 🙂

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