How to Motivate Someone to Lose Weight

iStock_000011843152XSmallMost people want to be healthy and to look their best, however people often lose out to one inner struggle or another.  Trying to motivate someone to lose weight is not really a matter of convincing the person to do so, but rather of making it easier emotionally for them to do so.  Weight gain usually has an emotional trigger to it that needs to be dealt with first if the goal is weight loss.  Weight loss that is tied to an emotionally gratifying reward will increase the success 10 fold.

I know of three ways to emotionally motivate a person to lose weight, three ways that I have tried on various occasions with different people to motivate them to lose weight that have all worked.

  1. If its a person that loves you, ask them to do things for you.  This is really simple, and most of us have used this once or twice in our lifetime, but I am telling you, this works the best.  If you ask a person to help you to lose weight by asking them to not bring sweets in the house because you do not want to eat them, they will be happy to oblige.  They will also be less tempted to eat sweets themselves because they will want to help you as much as they can.  You could ask them to do anything for you, such as cooking healthy meals with you, or walking with you, or cutting out sugar with you.  They will not feel singled out by you and they will feel as though they are doing something great for you.  It is a win/win.
  2. Seize every opportunity while it is fresh.  Inspiration comes with a built-in window of opportunity, so whenever people are motivated to change, help them to do so.  By taking immediate action, whatever you are doing becomes more important.  If someone that you care about happens to make a statement in passing one day about how they would like to start hiking, immediately offer to go with them, and set a date to go.  If a person mentions how they would like to join a gym, agree with them and go check out gyms together as soon as possible.
  3. Make the new changes part of an enjoyable pattern of things they already enjoy doing.  If you want your kids to be more active, then schedule a new activity in between two things they already love doing and then maintain that pattern.  If they love to come home from school and have a snack and play video games, then let them come home, have a snack, then have them do the new activity, and then play video games.  That way it is incorporated into their daily schedule and it still allows them to do everything they love.

I am sure there are more than three ways, however these are ones I have used and they have worked.  Never use these tips if you are not willing to take the journey with them.  If you love them and want them to be healthy the best thing you can do is engage in every aspect of a healthy lifestyle with them.  If you do not engage with them and you keep your normal habits, your partner will relapse and both of you  will be right back where you started from.  Make it a joint effort.