It is okay to act like a child sometimes!


I know this might sound crazy but I think it might be the best single piece of information I have ever shared.  Kids, especially the younger ones, are notorious for throwing temper tantrums.  I have my own kids so I have been there.  You have really only two choices.  Reason with the child or give […]

How to live like a modern day Viking.

I am not talking about the football team here.  I am talking about the Northmen.  The warriors of long ago;  horned helmets, mead drinking, battle loving men and women from Northern Europe that were active from 793-1066 AD.  They lived by many ideologies that are as relevant today as they were all those years ago. […]

The Secret to Understanding Passive Aggressive Behavior!

Business confrontation.

Don’t you just love passive aggressive behavior?  (See what I did there?)  Passive aggressiveness causes a lot of stress, aggravation,  resentment, and has the ability to sever even the closest of relationships.  There are some instances of passive aggressive behavior that are intentional, and there are just as many instances of passive aggressive behavior that […]

Is a healthy dose of narcissism needed for success?

Successful Entrepreneurs

Narcissism is bad right?  How in the world would something deemed a negative personality trait actually help a person succeed?  Narcissism is by definition (at least from what google says) an extreme form of selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration.  That cannot be good right?  How can […]

The Extra Benefit of Laughter!

I laugh.  I laugh a lot and I laugh at everything.  In fact, most of my emotions are filtered through laughter first.  If I am upset, I will laugh it off.  If I am nervous, or don’t know what to say, or feel weird in any way, I laugh.  I laugh at most people’s jokes […]

Reign in your Lost Motivation.

So much work ahead

Do you find yourself unmotivated at the wrong time?  For instance, when you have multiple projects due at the same time and you have a limited time to get them all done?  Looking ahead at everything you have to do, knowing you have very little time to get it done can be daunting.  It can […]

How to Motivate Someone to Lose Weight


Most people want to be healthy and to look their best, however people often lose out to one inner struggle or another.  Trying to motivate someone to lose weight is not really a matter of convincing the person to do so, but rather of making it easier emotionally for them to do so.  Weight gain […]

Give Yourself the gift of Self-Esteem.

It is said that self-respect is the gateway to self-esteem.  It is a very simple idea really.  The more we like ourselves means the more we respect ourselves.  So how do you gain self respect?  You gain it when you do what is right over what is easy or when you do what only makes […]

Here is the problem with ego………

Self Image

You have met that person at some point in life that has a larger than life ego.  It is an easy mindset to fall into.  They have a smooth, smart way of making sure every single person within earshot hears how great they are.   They are proud people, bragging about all they have accomplished, all […]