The Psychology of the Mental Master – Part 2 of 3

Mental master sounds like a play on words, and I guess it is true that all things—to some degree—are a play on words.

Girl Woman Meditating in Park_iStock_000006604833XSmallAfter all, words are how we express ourselves, but more often than not—to me, at least—the words we use appear to fall short and seem so ineffective at conveying the meanings and the feelings that we truly want to share.

However, when a mental master has done the work and taken the due diligence to apply that work in the real world (by turning knowledge into wisdom through the direct experience with whatever the mental master wants to create), there is a level of self-confidence that starts to build. Therefore, the mental master discovers that the results he or she is trying to create is a little easier each time because self-confidence creates a force of energy that is so powerful and has such a “As matter of fact, I can do this!” attitude that everything just seems second nature to the mental master.

So it seems only prudent and logical that the mental master’s life be one of goals to achieve and a prime directive in which their life is filled with wonderment. In fact, it is not possible—in my opinion—to become a mental master if you do not have “set” goals, nor work to create some. I agree that the goals should be in alignment with the life you want to experience or a skill that you would like to learn and add to your ever growing list of newer skills that only help to make you a more effective mental master.

When it comes to goals in your life, they should be worthy goals that make your life more grand and fulfilling. They should add value not only to you but to the collective consciousness of mankind. Therefore, goals should be qualified and should be checked for their effectiveness at carrying you to an end-result that you want to experience.

Remember, it is crucial that you create the goals in your life that you desire so that you can live and go through an experience, emerging with the wisdom from that experience. Knowledge is the elixir of life and wisdom provides the ingredients that make it all come together and taste good.

So, when beginning your goals, start with your desire for the goal and go backwards. Here are some questions and guidance to get you started at creating goals like a mental master.

  1. What is your overall plan for your life, personally and professionally?

Details and definable goals are absolute here. You have to know what you want, why you want it, what it will do for you, and how that end-result fits into your overall plan for yourself and/or business.

  1. Is your goal right for you?

Your goal has to be a one that is right for you and that you truly believe in and, therefore, want to experience for yourself or with others.

  1. How hard will it be to acquire the material(s) for your goal, and who do you know with the skills to teach you or the material to provide for you (someone who can help you with your goal)?

There is someone around you who has probably accomplished a similar goal and, therefore, can help you with his or her experience towards whatever you want to achieve. They may even have resources for you to use, which could accelerate your ability to achieve your goal much faster.

  1. How believable is your goal, and can you exceed your original vision?

There is a mental technique called Throwing Consciousness that I cannot share all the details here—mostly because it is protected intellectual material from the Mental Warrior Training Academy (and for students only).

However, I can tell you that you should make a plan for your life and/or business and see it in the form of a believable goal that you think you can truly obtain. Now, see your result in a much higher, expanded version of your original believable goal.

  1. How huge can you make your goal?

Make your goal as huge as you want. It is your fantasy goal, so everything is on the table. (There are no limits.)

However, it is possible that once you see the original believable goal get created—and you sustain it for a while—that you will then start to look at the fantasy goal and see that it, too, is very achievable—or at least a large portion of it (if not most of it).

So even if you shoot for the stars and only get to the moon, achieving your believable goal is a major accomplishment. You can go from there—again—until your fantasy goal is reached.

  1. How’s your attitude, and are you mentally into the goal?

Make sure you have a positive mental attitude but maintain a realistic approach to all your goals while trying to bring them into fruition.

  1. Do you have outside support or someone to help guide, assist, and coach you?

If needed, hire a mentor to help you learn skills or to achieve your goal. Hold nothing back and use all legal resources in which to bring your goal into fruition.

Stay tuned, because in the upcoming part 3 of this blog series I’ll explain in greater detail the mindset of mental master.