Reinvent yourself with these 6 easy ideas.

Changes aheadIf you are like most people then you have probably thought at some point in your life that you would like to reinvent yourself.  You might have said it any number of ways, such as “I need to get my life together,” or “It is time to make some changes.”  Essentially, any way you put it, what you are really wanting is to make changes in your personality and life because what you have been doing is not working.  It is a great thing when you can be that honest with yourself and realize where you need to improve.

This is a process that takes some time.  Be prepared for that when you start.  If you are an instant gratification person then you will need to be patient.  Change does take time.  If you are unclear about where to start making changes then this will be the perfect guide for you.  Change will always start with you first.  These are in no particular order so be flexible in how you want to start. It is not a race and there is no timeline for implementing change, just as long as you go about making the change if that is what you want.

  1. Give up your personality.  Your personality is not set in stone.  The traits and characteristics that you work from right now are fluid ideas about yourself held together by your repeated use of them.  You can change any aspect of your personality that you want at any time that you want.  If you are known as a fairly negative person then change that to be more positive.  You are not changing who you are, you are changing “how” you are.
  2. Stop trying to win friends and influencing people. Become better for yourself, not so that people will like you more.  People will see you as a leader because you are an example of what they appreciate, not because you won them over in a conversation.  The best leaders are those that lead through example and not through ego.  You do not want people to question why they should do something you tell them, only because you tell them and you are not doing it yourself.
  3. Be focused on opportunity. Optimism is a great thing to have although many people believe their optimism means that they have hope in something great coming their way.  This is a very lazy attitude to have because you are not working towards anything, you are waiting for something to happen.  If you wait for something to happen, you could miss out on all the opportunities that are coming your way because you are creating the space for them.  If you aren’t willing to work, why should you be given something for free?
  4. Change “how to” from “want to.” Many people feel that they are of no help to others or themselves because they do not know how to do something.  Seek out information that will teach you how to do something so that you can go from “How do I do this” to “I want to do this so I will find out how to do it.”  Knowledge is only powerful if you use it.
  5. Turn reactions into resolutions. Reactions have the potential to ruin almost any situation in your life because you are not in control of your emotions at that point.  If you are able to problem solve during a conflict instead of react, then you will never have to worry about saying or doing the wrong thing.  Nothing ever gets solved on the same level as it was created.
  6. Stop thinking you should be at a certain point in your life than where you are. It is not a race to get to the same place as everyone else in the world.  Who cares where you are, as long as where you are going is where you intend to go instead of where you think you should be going.  There are many paths to life and they all are productive.

Change is always a good thing as it gives us room to shift our perspective and expectations.  Focus on where you want to go and then figure out how to get there.  It is up to you and no one else.