Reject Me, Please!!

Annoying salesmanDid you do a double take on that title?  Most people have major fears of rejection.  Men and women are afraid to ask someone out that they like due to fear of rejection.  To the extreme levels, some people have major anxiety disorders that the basis of it exists completely on a fear of rejection.  Social anxiety is based on the fear that a person will be rejected by their peers.

What would happen if you went out today or tomorrow with the intention of making 10 new friends?  I am sure that many thoughts came to mind immediately ranging from how easy this will be to how hard this will be.  In this thought process, if you are a person that suffers from any type of fear of meeting new people or fear of rejection, your thoughts would lead you to reasons why this would be a hard thing to do.  That is your fear talking.  Don’t listen to it because it will talk you right out of this.

Now, during this day of finding 10 new friends, you will have to talk to a lot of people.  For the sake of an example only here, lets say you have to talk to 100 people.  The first 5 or 10 people will feel a little awkward.  You will sound a little weird just going up to someone and asking to be their friend.  You have to talk to them a little and see if there is chemistry,   There is no doubt in my mind that in talking to 100 people, you will be rejected in one form or another by a whole lot of people.  If you take each rejection as a personal rejection to you, then you are going to feel rejected and defeated, and chances are slim that you will make your goal of 10 friends.  How could you when you are feeling the sting of rejection?

I think rejection is awesome!  My day of talking to 100 people would be easy for me. I want the people that are going to reject me to hurry up and do it, and I am going to ask why.  There are a million and one reasons a person would reject another person and very little of it has anything to do with the person they are rejecting.  Maybe they are in a hurry to get somewhere.  Maybe, they are in a bad mood and do not want to talk to anyone.  Maybe they don’t like the color of my shirt.  Each no I get will only get me closer to a yes anyway.   I could go on but I am sure you get the point.  As I ask each person why I was rejected, I will get a different story and a different point of view.  Why is that important?  Because the more viewpoints I am able to examine for any given situation then the more self knowledge and more world knowledge I will gain.

I am always asking myself what I can learn from every situation I am in, good or bad, and how am I able to use that knowledge to better myself?  The goal is not to achieve superstar popularity, the goal is to be better than you were the day before;  to always grow.  So please, reject me.  I won’t take it personally.  I will ask you why and will expect an honest answer.  I will take that information to heart and see how I can grow from it.  I will also walk away from this day with 10 new friends.