Seven Days to a More Grateful Perspective

Energized Woman Jumping A week ago I decided to engage in a 7 day challenge.  I wanted to post on Facebook every day 3 things that I was grateful for.  Each day it had to be 3 different things, not the same thing over and over each day.  I am not really sure what inspired me to do this.  Life has been a little chaotic the last few weeks and sometimes for me, it helps to have something personal to focus on instead of focusing on stress or chaos that is around me.  It helps me keep my perspective.

I am a fairly upbeat happy go lucky person.  I always have a smile on my face and a kind word for my loved ones.  Lately, I have been not so happy go lucky.  Stress has been eating away at me.  When that happens I tend to take on a negative mind set.  I felt that coming on and decided that I should try to be grateful instead of stressed out.  Since I use Facebook so much for writing and venting, and I post every day, why not use it to help change my mindset?

The first 2 days were easy.  Anything new is easy to remember.  I went through day 1 and day 2 with a mindset of “look for things to be grateful for.”  Easy enough.  However, after day 2, it was not so easy.  I still had the same stress eating away at me.  It became hard to look at life and be grateful.  Part of the reason I decided to post it on Facebook was so that I would be held accountable to post every day for 7 days.  So day 3 and day 4 were a little harder for me because of the fact that it wasn’t new anymore and life was still exactly the same.  However, I did find things to be grateful for.  Each day gave me a new perspective on life and how lucky I truly am.

Even through all the stress of everyday life, towards the end of the 7 days I began to really appreciate life.  There are situations in my personal life that I do not enjoy and would like them to change.  However, as I went through each day, I felt my mood begin to lift because I was shifting my perspective.  I was looking at what I had instead of what I didn’t have.  I began to realize that what I have is far better than what I don’t have that I think I want.  I needed a reminder about how great life really is and this 7 day challenge was just the kick-start I needed.  How I view the next 7 days or the next 14 days even, should be interesting.  I want to maintain this new perspective I have found.  Life is great and I am grateful for it.