Your Teenager May Be Going Through Hell… and You May Not Even Realize It!

So much work aheadAs parents, we want to love and protect our teenagers and be sure that they are prepared for their journey in life, because odds are our teenagers will outlive us and then they must make their own way. We want to be good and responsible parents, making sure we provide the mental training needed so that our teenagers become successful adults.

The reality is the world will not meet them half way or consider them special the way we do because they are our offspring. They will need hardcore mental training that will prepare them for all the different things they will be bombarded by in the real world. They need mental training on how to control their emotions and then manage those emotions to a successful conclusion.

Emotional training is the key component to their happiness and success, because all their life battles will be fought in their own minds. If the teen is not taught now (as teenagers) how to do this, the odds are they will never learn and never use their emotions with success, and this will cost them severely. This will cost them on all fronts: spiritually, financially, in relationships, and with their sense of inner fulfillment.

Your teen does not trust you to show them emotional training if they see you acting with your emotions and without the benefit of your intellect evaluating the situation first and making the correct calls on what to do next. If your teen has witnessed you firsthand handling things in an emotional way (flying off the handle and not getting anything done successfully) chances are they will be the same way. They will feel that you have nothing to show them, regarding emotional control, and will then do what their peers do—and that means their social circles have insider privileges to train your child in their ways of emotional behavior, which is probably not going to be beneficial for you teen.

One of the areas that my Teenage Mental Warrior Training starts with is your teenager’s emotions and how to process a situation and how to see it for exactly what it is—and what needs to be done right away and why. Then they use their emotion to help drive the resolution for their situation, leaving themselves in optimal placement.

Optimal placement is where you resolve a situation and leave yourself in the next best scenario to accomplish your next goal. It’s like the game of golf. You hit the ball to get it as close to the hole as you can and then start to put it into the hole. So developing all parts of your golf game is important so that you can get as close as you can to the hole the first time.

Emotions have to be developed through real experience and understanding and how to process information quickly while leaving your ego and desire out of the processing the first time. Teenage mental warrior training will provide this type of training for your teenager and provide them with the real knowledge and wisdom they need to not be held prisoners by other people’s emotions and manipulations. Instead they will use their emotions to forge ahead and become successful and happy!