Time Management

The Time For You To Do Is Right Now, Where You Stand, And With Your Imperfect Plan of Action!

(Don’t wait for the perfect moment, for all moments are perfect for you to begin.)

Time Management PuzzleMost people sacrifice their future because they are waiting for the perfect time to start. Most think they have to have a perfect plan of attack to start a business. Unless you are going to the bank to request funding for your venture, there is no need to formulate a perfect plan – because…success is not a straight line. Success looks like a chicken who has ink on its feet and ran across white paper on the ground. Many people make success look linear but it is as crooked as Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.

The best time to start something is right now.  There is no time like the present and even if it is wrong you can change the direction of where you are going. Just start now! You may not be the sort to multi-task; however, you can multi-work. Multi-work means to function with many projects open and up in the air simultaneously as you schedule yourself times to work on each project. Make a start time and stop time for each project and a deadline for the absolute finished completion of each project.

Implementing a structured and committed daily practice of time management and a processing system for the over-seeing of all your projects to ensure they are carried through to completion is crucial to your success. Simply put…What gets measured, gets done.  Keep in mind that it may become necessary for you to get somewhat aggressive and even forceful about your time.   What this means is that it is imperative for you to make people respect your time and follow the guidelines you provide to them for your time. Teach people how to respect your time as you teach them to respect you.

You only have so much personal will available within you at your disposal.  And that small amount of control you assert over that personal will to manage something is severely limited in most untrained minds. So, having a system for starting and finishing and making sure it is done on time is paramount to your success now and well on in to your future.

Sadly, most people don’t take the time to consider that there may be a way for them to develop these skills and improve this aspect of their lives.  Fortunately for you, reading these blog posts, listening to my Talk Radio Show – The Personal Development Show, and engaging your mind with the mental techniques in my Mental Warrior Training you have properly positioned yourself for rapid personal growth.

Every procedure is designed for your own individual use in teaching you to have much greater control of your attention and to sustain your personal will for much, much, longer periods of time. In fact, to be as honest with you as possible, you can literally increase your mental capacity as much as 100 TIMES over what you possess now. At first this claim may seem completely unreasonable to you.  But let me assure you that once you learn the truth about your mind actually being a muscle and begin training it regularly, you will begin to see changes take place in your life faster than you ever before thought possible.  The effects these mental training workouts will have on strengthening your personal will and attention will prove to you the truth that they can be developed big time if we just apply the effort.

Everyone has the same amount of time in their day. However, some just simply manage their time better and keep tighter controls on it. They also make others respect their time. But they also leverage their time. One way to leverage your time is to delegate any work that you can to some who is better than you at that certain thing. You can do trade-outs for the exchange of money or actual cash or even consider learning the art of bartering to get what you need.  Any way you look at it, assigning appropriate tasks to others better skilled in performing them than yourself is always a good thing. Free up your time for what you are great at and allow others to do the things you may not be quite so good at.  Use your time wisely and you will be far, far, more productive and successful than you are today. Then you will be living life as a true Mental Warrior!